When it comes to the user interface, most of our users, in addition to multifunctional panels, opt for a smartphone application - Magiesta. Magiesta, as software, is bought. Once you purchase this software and have a valid license, you have the option of using the application on multiple devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desk computer).

Two very important items are responsible for its popularity - it is very easy to use and does not require any training to understand how to use it. All smartphone users agreed that they immediately managed to understand how the application itself is used.

Magiesta was created to be a simple and powerful software, intended for home computers and mobile devices. It is successfully used for central control of devices, as well as communication and security. This application is available on our market for both Android and iOS systems. All this means that Magiesta is easily accessible to most of our users.

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Why did our customers choose Magiesta?

1. Possibility of personalization

Magiesta is created so that it can be easily adjusted so that each user has only those elements of the Smart Home that he needs. This makes navigation and commanding speed easier.
Also, it is possible to select only those subsystems that you want your family to use. This means, for example, that you will be able to create Magiesta on your children's phones so that it only has a certain degree of control over the Smart Home.

2. Control from anywhere on the planet

So, it is not necessary to sit in the apartment, it is not necessary to use only the wifi network. Wherever you are, you will be able to give a command to a subsystem via an application. As long as you have network coverage and internet, the possibilities are limitless!

3. Consumption monitoring

Through the Magiesta app, you can easily get an insight into how much electricity you have consumed in an hour, but also on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. This will make it much easier to track your spending. For example, with one click we can compare the consumption that occurred in two independent months, so that we can make a meaningful plan for electricity use and savings.


4. One-time purchase and one-time payment of the application for all users of your home

One license allows multiple users, which means that the whole family can use the application with the same license. In addition, there is no need to provide funds on a monthly basis for the application, because the application is paid only for the first purchase and installation. This convenience and lack of software maintenance care really plays a big role in a market where similar applications cost much more and limit you to, say, just one IP address.

In recent years, Magiesta has maintained its quality and simple design that makes it easier for users to use every day. We can't deny that in our market today you can find really many applications that can work over a wi-fi network with certain devices in your home. But one should be really careful when choosing similar applications. It is known that some applications used much more data from the user's smartphone than is allowed by law. But we can only hope that our future customers will understand the relationship between quality and trust that Magiesta can offer with a truly symbolic fee for buying it.