The Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade is the largest airport in Serbia and is an important hub of the traffic network in Belgrade. From the airport in regular air traffic, passengers transport 22 airlines to 91 destinations in 38 countries on 4 continents. As part of its reconstruction, ION Solutions, the leading integrator of the Schneider Electic equipment for the territory of Serbia, took part. The main task of the company was to integrate the central monitoring and control system (BMS) to provide an integrated management of the facility that connects all existing and future systems into a single system and allows the management and control of the entire building through a single platform. This includes changing equipment in the field for all air-conditioning chambers, chillers and fan coil devices to achieve the desired comfort for visitors and employees at the airport, and in order to save energy and increase the efficiency of the entire system.

At the airport, there are airconditioning chambers that are arranged in 4 machine shops and which participate in the delivery of air for public spaces, corridors, sorting and VIP salon.

In addition, there are three substations that contain chillers used to prepare cold water for all systems, a chiller in the VIP substation, two 5000l boilers for sanitary hot water and circulation pumps that serve to distribute hot and cold water systems. In the building, there are over 100 fan coil units distributed in 17 zones that are controlled by the SER8300 controller.

As a part of the management, there is a control and supervision for the 28 rooftop units are used as part of the control, which is used for heating/cooling by the gate and local exhaust fans which extract air from the gates, toilet and smoke areas.