Did I turn off the laundry this morning before I went to work?

This is a question we have asked ourselves at least once in our lives. It was a hob, for some it was a hair straightener, but there was simply a need
to return home to check what we had unknowingly turned off and what we had forgotten to turn off.

A smart home has a simpler solution. Namely, you can choose which sockets in the house you want to connect systemically to the application Magiesta. It will allow you to manage the sockets from your office. So, if you are not sure whether you have turned off the iron, next time you will use the opportunity to turn off the socket where the iron was plugged in with one click and continue calmly with your working day.

Kontaktor za uticnice poslovni prostor

Another option that can help us in similar situations is the Macro programming scenario. We can create one scenario especially for "Leaving the Home". This scenario, in addition to saving you the time you spend each morning checking if you have turned off the hob, iron and other appliances, will allow you to turn off all the "problematic" sockets, lights and lower all the blinds with one click if you wish.

Hm... It would be great if we were welcomed by a boiler full of hot water!

This usually happens when we come home from a vacation and the first thing on our mind is to turn on the boiler heater, hoping that, in a while, there will be enough hot water for all the family members. Of course, rarely does anyone go on the road without the boiler being turned off, and it would just be perfect if there was an option to turn on the boiler two hours before arriving home.

This was essentially one of the main reasons why we created the system. The Smart Home allows the control of sockets that include important electrical appliances (for example, water heater, stove, washing machine etc.) by setting the selected devices to the "on mode" or the "off mode", which we use to control the Magiesta application (the famous "one-click"), from any distance from the home. Since the Smart Home aims to save electricity in all fields, most of those who opt for home automation put more consumers (washing machine, boiler, dishwasher etc.) on the "saving mode", which allows the inclusion of these appliances exclusively in the cheaper tariff interval. Of course, even here the system works for you and allows manual activation when you need it and it is flexible enough for all your needs and desires.

Can we turn on some music?

Of course! We are more than happy to present to you how the music subsystem of the Party mode works. The Magiesta app will connect very easily to your favorite radio stations, so it's up to you to choose whether to listen to music through the multifunction panels or the app itself.

If you are already wondering how you will listen to your favorite band that is rarely playing on radio stations, there is a solution for that as well - just
transfer the music you want to listen to on to your USB stick, connect the stick to Magiesta and play your favorite music whenever you want.

What users like most about this subsystem is the ability to create more than one audio zone, and especially the option to choose which music to listen to in each audio zone they have created in their home.

If you thought that the possibilities for music lovers end here, it is important to know that you can control the music in one place in each audio zone - separately!

Who will water the flowers while we are on vacation?

A neighbor? Well, if you have a neighbor who knows how many days and at what time your favorite flowers are watered and that you are allowed to let carefree into your home when you are on the road. Such situations are very rare and most people are not so lucky to have neighbors like this. The smart house has found a solution to the automation of the irrigation system that will work for you.

The reason why this is one of the most popular subsystems during the summer lies in the fact that this subsystem can be programmed to turn on and off only when necessary. But let's be realistic and say that sometimes we just can't know when we will have 3 rainy days in a row. This immediately means that the automatic adjustment of watering the garden must have a solution for real situations. Out of a desire to adapt to real conditions and unpredictable situations in the lives of our users, Smart Home has developed a system for measuring soil moisture. If it has rained, let's postpone watering the lawn.

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And during this time, two thousand kilometers from your home, you are sleeping peacefully on the beach because you know that the Smart Home is working for you.