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Programs for research and development financed by the European Union have, as their goal, the promotion and support of research directed towards different fields of interest.

The first program (FP1) was started in 1984 and one of the largest projects for increasing energy efficiency called Horizon was also completed, whose primary focus was on innovations, increased economic growth and creating solutions for the end users (which are often state agencies). The budget of all the existing programs is almost 200 billion euros, of which more than 80 billion euros has been spent on the last (Horizon) project.

Since 2010, ION Solutions has been participating in these projects as an equal partner with a great number of famous companies, institutes and universities from many European countries.


The most important completed projects as of today:



This is a project that aims to increase energy efficiency in hospitals by introducing intelligent control and surveillance. ION Solutions has created software tools for support in making decisions in hospital systems: getting the best advice for new construction and renovation.




TEDS4BEE is a project whose main idea is to increase energy efficiency in public buildings, with the help of EMMOS (Energy Management and Monitoring Operational System) ̶ a digital system which enables collecting, storing and analyzing data regarding consumption, as well as different parameters which include temperature, density, NOx, CO2, comfort level, light intensity, etc.



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